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It doesn't matter if you call it an ATV, an All Terrain Vehicle, a Quad, or even "a dirt bike with four fat tires," these scooters on steroids have something of a dual personality. Originally designed as a forestry and agricultural utility vehicle, the ATV began to appear in a purely recreational guise in the early 1970s. The joy of riding these ultilitarian machines in the muddy muck soon spread to the point where formal quad racing became recognised as a legitimate sport in itself.

Monster Motor Scooter offers several electric ATVs as well as a kids' version of the quad's first cousin, the venerable dune buggy. From farm implement to fun machine, the all terrain vehicle is still the fastest way to travel on the ground when out in the backwoods. From the North Forty to the dirt raceway, the ATV reigns as King of the Mud Machines.

Razor Dune Buggy Miniature Electric ATV

Razor Dirt Quad Miniature Electric ATV

X-Treme XA-1000 Full-Size 1000 Watt Electric ATV
Retail price: $439.99
Sale price: $299.99

Retail price: $469.99
Sale price: $399.99

Retail price: $1,099.00
Sale price: $999.00

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