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Recreational Scooters
Electric scooter? Gas scooter? Mini-bikes? There is a plethora of different types of personal vehicles labeled as "scooters" these days, from small-engine Asian or Italian-inspired motorcycles, to electric wheelchairs for the mobility-impaired, to kick-powered skateboards with handlebars. Trying to sort through all of these categories of scooters can become confusing, so for the sake of convenience the term "recreational scooter" here will encompass most of those small electric or gas-powered, single-rider, twin-small-wheeled thingamajigs without pedals. Whew! Try saying that three times fast. Another attribute common to all recreational scooters, whether gas or electric powered, is that they are all designed to be fun. Whether intended for older children or strictly as adults-only machines, a recreational scooter is all about the ecstasy of movement.

NOTE: Each State and Province has its own laws regarding use of these vehicles on public roads and city sidewalks. Please contact your local Motor Vehicles Department before operating a recreational scooter off of private property. And always wear a helmet.

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