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The street scooter (aka motor scooter or street legal scooter) is one of the most popular forms of transportation in the world today. With a rich history going back to the post-war Italian Vespa and the Honda Cub 50 that took America by storm in the mid-1960s, it is a bit surprising that there doesn't seem to be much consensus as to just what constitutes a "scooter" these days. Electric operated wheelchairs for the mobility-impaired as well as non-motorized kick powered toys for kids are all referred to as scooters. In order to separate all of these things called scooters into a more usable taxonomy, here the term "street scooter" will be applied only to those gasoline or electric powered twin wheeled vehicles sporting a step-through frame, that are designed to be ridden on a paved roadway or city street (subject to applicable local laws). Or how about "small motorcycle with a front shield."

Now that all has been made crystal-clear, we'll again muddy the proverbial waters by pointing out the term "moped" is used by some scooter manufacturers for a motor scooter with auxiliary (but almost never used) foot pedals. Unlike the classic small mopeds of the past, many of these modern "mopeds" are far too large and heavy to pedal more than a few feet; the distinction is at most a legalistic "rule beater" designed to circumvent certain local DMV regulations.

Gas or Electric?
Monster Motor Scooter sells two types of street legal scooter; the traditional gasoline operated scooters and the newer, greener and far quieter electric powered models. Both propulsion systems have their advantages, and both likewise have their limitations. Click on either illustrated link above to take a brief look at what we have in stock.

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