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Everybody loves go karts! These fun little machines have been around (at least) since the early 1960s and possibly before then. Whether you spell it a go kart, powerkart, gokart or fun kart, the magic word immediately brings up memories of those muddy oblong tracks surrounded by piles of old rubber tires. Each new generation discovers these wonderful little contraptions; the most delightful way ever invented for turning gasoline into noise!

In the past, go karts were often home-made affairs with frames welded up in the garage and small engines scrounged from beat-up old lawn mowers. Today a few companies still sell go kart frames, tires and other components for the DIY enthusiast, but whole factory-made go karts are becoming scarce. If you really love go karts (and who doesn't) but you don't have the space or skills to build your own, consider a Powerkart from Monster Motor Scooter. Our go kart is ready-made and ready to drive.

Razor Ground Force Miniature Electric Go Kart

Razor Dune Buggy Miniature Electric ATV
Retail price: $329.99
Sale price: $199.00

Retail price: $439.99
Sale price: $299.99

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