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In essence, the recreational gas scooter is the smallest twin-wheeled vehicle powered by the internal combustion engine. Usually much faster than their electric cousins, many of these gas scooters offer such features as front disc brakes, suspension, and a removable seat for stand-up or sit-down operation. Relatively light and easily portable, these small gas-powered scooters are becoming a common sight in congested urban areas as commuters discover this economical method of transportation.

NOTE: Each State and Province has its own laws regarding use of these vehicles on public roads and city sidewalks. Please contact your local Motor Vehicles Department before operating a recreational scooter off of private property. And always wear a helmet.

X-Treme XG-470 49cc Gas Scooter

X-Treme XG-499 49cc Gas Scooter

X-Treme XG-505 50cc Gas Scooter

X-Treme XG-550 50cc Gas Scooter
Retail price: $449.00
Sale price: $399.00

Retail price: $425.00
Sale price: $399.00

Retail price: $429.00
Sale price: $399.00

Retail price: $499.00
Sale price: $449.00

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