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Gasoline Motor Scooters, Pros & Cons:
The early motor scooters used the ubiquitous 2-stoke, 47 or 49cc gasoline engine. This little powerhouse first put the putt-putt into millions of Euro-scooters and then even more Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese and Chinese scooters in the years since. Later upgraded and improved into the common 149cc, and even 249cc editions; most gas scooter engines are now of a lower emissions 4-stroke variety.

The greatest advantage of the gasoline engine is the same advantage that it has always had -- pure speed and horsepower. The absolute superiority of the internal combustion engine cannot be denied when torque and acceleration are the determining factors. However in these more enviro-conscious times, the (relative) pollution, noise and dependence on expensive fossil fuels can also be seen as a liability for many people. For those folks, the greener electric motor offers an alternative.

X-Treme XM-50 Street Legal 50cc Gas Moped

X-Treme XM-150 Street Legal 150cc Gas Moped

X-Treme XM-155  Street Legal 150cc Gas Moped

X-Treme XM-160 150cc Gas Scooter
Retail price: $859.00
Sale price: $750.00

Retail price: $1,299.00
Sale price: $875.00

Retail price: $1,399.00
Sale price: $900.00

Retail price: $1,159.00
Sale price: $850.00

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