X-Treme XM-4000Li 4000 Watt Electric Moped/Motorcycle

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X-Treme XM-4000Li 4000 Watt Electric Moped/Motorcycle
X-Treme XM-4000Li 4000 Watt Electric Moped/MotorcycleX-Treme XM-4000Li 4000 Watt Electric Moped/MotorcycleX-Treme XM-4000Li 4000 Watt Electric Moped/Motorcycle

X-Treme XM-4000Li 4000 Watt Electric Moped/Motorcycle

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The X-Treme XM-4000Li electric moped is one of the first of it's kind, a street legal electric powered moped/motorcycle running on lightweight high powered lithium batteries and a big 4000 watt rear hub motor. The XM-4000Li e-Moped is one of the fastest and lightest X-Treme moped available. Using 20 small light weight lithium-ion batteries, the driving distances on these electric mopeds can be up to 60 miles on a single charge. Also, the battery life can be 7 to 10 years and can be charged up to 2000 times, with proper battery care.

The XM-4000Li is about the same size of size than the XM-3500Li with equal weight. It also has about 25% more torque than the XM-3500Li. The distribution of the weight is also an important factor since the 20 batteries are small and stored low in the bike to keep the center of weight low to the ground. This gives gives the driver more stability and control. With updated rear hydrolic bisc brake hose, the stopping power of the XM-4000Li will be both quick and safe. The built-in automatic transmission gives X-Treme 4000Li a top speed of about 50 MPH and we have personally tested this electric moped to these speeds. This moped is capable of traveling up to 60 miles on a single charge and therefore does not need to be re-charged daily if the X-4000Li is not going to exceed it's maximum range.

With the rising gas prices these days electric modes of transportation like an X-treme moped are becoming an ever more affordable necessity versus traditional transportation. The pollution-belching gasoline engine does not have to be one's only choice these days. Whether you call this an electric scooter, an electric moped, an electric motorcycle or just an e-moped, the zero-emmission X-Treme XM-4000Li is certified Green, very eco-friendly, and bound to catch the eye as it goes past.

Benefits of the X-Treme XM-4000Li Electric Moped/Motorcycle:
  • Speed 50 MPH
  • Eco-friendly - lithium-ion technology
  • Tool Kit - included
  • Charger Smart charger included
  • Capacity - 400 lb. maximum weight capacity
  • Power 4000 watts of green electrical energy
  • Endurance up to 60 miles per charge

The XM-4000Li is NOT A TOY SCOOTER. The XM-4000Li is a DOT certified Motor Vehicle. It is likely you will need a drivers or motorcycle license to operate this bike. (Some states like Nevada require no MC licence, no insurance & no registration for electric mopeds or mopeds under 50cc) This scooter comes with an MCO certificate that you take to your local DMV office and exchange for a title (pink slip) & license plate/registration.
Power Type: Electric
Watts: 4000 watt
Volts: 60 volts
Amps: 40 amps
Speed: 50 MPH
Range: 60 miles
Kickstand: Included
Tires: 130/60-13 tires
Battery: 20 lithium-ion batteries
Braking System: Front and rear ABS hydraulic disc
Throttle: Twist throttle on right grip
Shock Absorber: Front hydraulic and rear spring
Seat: Large cushioned seat
Tool Kit: Included
Controller: Digital
Drive System: Rear wheel hub motor
Maximum Rider Weight: 400 lb.
Scooter Weight: 385 lb.
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